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General Information

Full Name Vincent Souveton
Date of Birth 4th July 1997
Languages French (native), English (advanced), Spanish (basis)


  • 2021-now
    PhD student in Applied Mathematics
    Université Clermont Auvergne
    • Title: Mathematical aspects in statistical inference of initial cosmological parameters through forward-modeling.
    • Studying, developing and deploying sampling algorithms.
    • Interdisciplinary collaboration (Mathematics and Cosmology) within the Aquila consortium.
    • Organizer of the Mathematics PhD student's seminar.
    • Elected PhD students' representative.
    • Involved in actions for fighting against discrimination, psychological hazard and sexist and sexual violence.
  • 2019-2021
    Master's degree in Mathematics
    Université Clermont Auvergne
    • 1st year with various courses in both applied and fundamental Mathematics.
    • Specialization in Partial Differential Equations in 2nd year.
    • 6-month research internship on an interdisciplinary project (Convexity analysis, Cosmology, MCMC methods).

Academic Interests

  • Artificial intelligence.
    • Generative models (Normalizing Flows, Diffusion models, GANs, etc.).
    • Physics-driven Machine Learning architectures.
    • Interpretability.
  • Monte Carlo methods.
    • Hamiltonian Monte Carlo.
    • Non-reversible Monte Carlo algorithms (Piecewise Deterministic Monte Carlo).
  • Cosmology.
    • Probabilistic characterization of the large-scale structure of the Universe.
    • Inference of cosmological parameters.

Other Interests

  • Staring at the sky (with or without a telescope)
  • Sci-Fi novels ('La Horde du Contrevent' by Alain Damasio)
  • Prospects about the future of Humanity ('Superintelligence' by Nick Boström)
  • Series ('The Office', 'Dark' and 'O.V.N.I')
  • Movies (I was never disappointed by Quentin Dupieux and I can't wait for the annual International Short Film Festival in Clermont)
  • ...